Zero Net Carbon Homes also known as Tomorrow Living is the next generation of homes and How to build

Along with our partners Stockland and Sustainable Victoria, Vcon Homes have joined to lead the pilot program in achieving the ZNC Homes across volume building. Our aim at Vcon Homes is to build tomorrow community today and therefore along with the goal of this pilot, we would like to present Zero Net Carbon Homes.

How to build a zero net carbon home

Building a zero home which features Net Carbon Home attributes is simple. We take each home provide opportunities into improving it to achieve.

Advantages of a zero net carbon home

Reduce carbon emissions produced by the home

Improved well-being

Increased comfort and quality

Lower home energy bills

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Some of Features Which Contribute to Achiving Znch Include

Orientation of the home situated in the correct position

Uplift in external wall & ceiling insulation

Additional internal insulation

PV System backed up with a Battery

Double Glazed Windows for thermal resistance

Highly Energy Efficient HVAC

External weather seals to all external doors

Complete Roof Sarking

IC4 Approved LED Lighting

Solar Hot Water System

Zoned HVAC

Ducted rangehood and exhaust fans to the atmosphere

Some of Features Which Contribute to Achiving Znch Include

7.2 Nathers Rating

PV System enough to generate and power your home

Highly efficient HVAC equipment

Airtightness & Insulation Integrity Guaranteed

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