Vcon Homes Process, Our Journey, Your Home

From the inception of your home journey until the final stages, Vcon Homes is your steadfast companion. Whether you opt for a customised design or choose from our pre- designed options, we ensure pricing that aligns with your initial proposal, delivering exceptional value.

After accepting the proposal, the next step is making your initial deposit.

With each passing phase, your excitement builds as we transform your vision into reality. Through meticulous working drawings and a guided colour selection process, we bring your new home to life. You eagerly await the signing of the contract, which awaits the attainment of the building permit and the commencement of construction. As your dreams materialise, the handover of your home draws near.

With this significant milestone on the horizon, the Vcon Homes team extends their best wishes and eagerly awaits the final step—the maintenance check.

Just 6 steps to bring your dream home to life

The Vcon Homes Process - Streamlined, efficient, and designed to make your home-building journey a breeze. Experience the joy of creating your dream home with just 6 simple steps.

Start ...
STEP ONE Discover Your Design

Unleash your creativity and choose from our diverse range of stunning home designs tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.

STEP TWO Initial Home Proposal

Our expert team will craft an initial home proposal that aligns perfectly with your vision, ensuring every detail is meticulously considered.

STEP THREE Secure Your Spot

Reserve your place in our construction schedule by placing a deposit, securing your dream home's future.

STEP FOUR Working Drawings

Watch your vision come to life on paper translating your dreams into a tangible plan.

STEP FIVE Style and Elegance

Indulge your senses with a face-to-face consultation with our colour consultant Elise who will guide you through your interior selection and help you reflect your unique style and preferences on your new Dream Home.

STEP SIX Let Construction Begin!

With all details finalised and your approval in place, construction commences, transforming your dreams into reality. Sit back and watch your new Dream Home become a reality.